Pray and Not Faint

In Luke 18 Jesus speaks a parable with the purpose of teaching that “men ought always to pray and not faint!” We have here in a certain city a widow and we have an unjust judge who had no regard for God or man.  Yet, because this widow continually comes to him pleading for him to avenge her of her adversary, he decides to respect her wish and grant her petition.  In His parable, Jesus says, “hear what the unjust judge saith.” In respect to this parable there are several items of interest that are noteworthy.

First, it is possible for men to faint. From time to time we all become discouraged over something.  Many times we pray over extended periods of time without there seeming to be any end, answer, or way.   We are flesh and blood.  We do not nor can we see the future.  What we see is right now.  At the time of the parable the widow is terribly disturbed by an adversary.  Who or what the trouble was we are only left to speculate.  Whatever it was, the problem was weighing heavily upon this widow, so much so that she felt there was absolutely no way out except the judge avenge her.

Secondly, Jesus is telling us to pray.  The very idea of prayer itself suggests many things.  If we are to pray, then the entity (person, God) to whom we pray must be able to hear us.  And if there is the ability to hear there must still be the ability to act on our behalf.  There would be no need to just scream out into the open air if no one was to hear.  There would be no need to cry out into space if no one is available to come to our rescue.  Jesus is telling us to pray BECAUSE THERE IS an All Powerful, All Seeing, and everywhere Present All sufficient God who not only hears, has the ability to help, but finds pleasure in rescuing His beloved.

Thirdly, Jesus says something that is strange.  Here is Jesus, our Righteous Redeemer, God in the flesh, but He tells us to hear — hear what?  Hear what this “unjust judge” is saying.  Can you find or think of any other place in the scripture where we are told to hear what an unjust person is saying?  I don’t know of any.  But, you see, this unjust judge is speaking a truth.  What is that truth?  He said in essence, “she is not going to quit coming to me.”  If I don’t avenge her today she will be back here tomorrow.  And, she will continue until she completely wears me out.  This unjust judge understood and recognized the tenacity and perseverance with which this widow continued coming to him. Did you get the message?  DON’T QUIT!!!!!!!

Keep on praying!  Keep on crying out to God!  If He doesn’t answer today, be back crying out to Him tomorrow!  Do not let God alone until you get your answer!  Like a bull dog sticks in a fight, lay hold of the horns of the altar and don’t turn lose until you answer comes. MY WHAT A MESSAGE!!  I feel the Holy Spirit now as I am writing this post.  God wants to help.  Jesus told us to pray.  He knows God will speedily avenge His elect who cry day and night unto him even though He bear long with them. We must continue in FAITH KNOWING that He hears, He sees, He is able, He will answer.  Cry with all of your heart, with all of your might, with all of your soul to God.

And Fourthly, Jesus says there is a remedy to fainting.  There is a remedy to weariness and helplessness.  It is coming to the end of yourself and totally trusting and depending upon God.  I have many stories to tell of how God has come through for me.  Some of those will be shared in later posts.  But for now, please — KNOW that God truly loves you and He will answer your prayer just as surely as He will any other person’s prayer.  One of my favorite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:13 “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.”