Pray Without Ceasing

In his book titled “Helps to Intercession,” Andrew Murray asks: Pray Without Ceasing. – Who can do this? How can one do it who is surrounded by the cares of daily life?

Pray Without Ceasing. – Does that refer to prayer for ourselves or others? To both. It is because many confine it to themselves that they fail so in practicing it. It is only when the branch gives itself to bear fruit, more fruit, much fruit, that it can live a healthy life, and expect a rich inflow of sap.

Pray Without Ceasing. – How can I learn it? The best way of learning to do a thing – in fact the only way – is to do it.

Pray Without Ceasing. – How do I know what to pray for? If once you begin, and think of all the needs around you, you will soon find enough. But to help you, this little book is issued with subjects and hints for prayer for a month. 1. How to Pray. 2. What to Pray. 3. Answers to Prayer.  4.  Prayer Circles.  5.  Who is sufficient for These Things?

The more we study and try to practice this grace of intercession, the more we become overwhelmed by its greatness and our feebleness. Let every such impression lead us to listen.  Beloved Christian! Come and give your whole heart and life to intercession, and you will know its blessedness and its power.

Andrew Murray calls for intercessors.  Will you join in the battle?  Please go to Helps to Intercession and discover Andrew Murray’s impassioned pleadings. To translate, please open  Google Translate.  Copy and Paste this URL   into the Translate box.  Choose your language output, then click on Translate.