Providing resources for ministry is what we are about.  This particular site is only one of several.  Other sites address issues concerning God’s Word, the Bible, evangelism, and discipleship.  Our main site is encounterz.org.  All of the other sites are connected.  Promoting these sites is an outgrowth of Dr. Dennis Robinson’s ministry.  His spiritual formation and development arose out of the fourfold paradigm mentioned above.  During a recent missionary trip to Mexico, ministering and speaking with church leaders, Dr. Robinson promised to start some form of communication and teaching program over the internet.  That is what these sites are about.  Each site will address its own subject and have the capability of being translated into 81 different languages. Through the miracle of computer technology, translation software, and the internet this information can be shared without charge.  Indeed the greatest amount of material shared on these sites is FREE.  Our hope and prayer is that church leaders, especially in underdeveloped countries will have opportunity to avail themselves of these resources.

May God bless you and cause His countenance to shine upon you!

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