Google Translate

For Google Translate to work all you need do is copy and paste the information into the translate box, or copy the URL at the top of the page into the translate box.  Translating either way is easy.


This translator will provide voice translations as well as written. For the translator to work, copy and paste script that is to be translated into the “Original Text” area. Determine original and output language. Click “Translate” button. Translation will appear in “Translation block.”
To hear the translation in original language, click on the speaker on right side of “Original Text” block. The voice translator will open, choose speaker profile (English, Spanish, etc.), then click “Say It” button.
To hear the “Translation” in the preferred language, click the speaker symbol on the right of the “Translation” block. A new page will open. Choose the speaker profile you desire (Spanish, English, etc.), then click on “Say It” button. You may also download this IM Translator onto your computer by clicking “Download the IMTranslator” button.

OR click below:

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To translate a document into your language download it and save it to your computer desktop then click here. When the translate page opens, below the “translate box” you will see “type text or a website address or translate a document.” Click on “translate a document.” Another window will open. Click on the “Browse” button. Select the file you want translated. Select language you desire, then click on the “Translate” button. The document will be translated into your language.

You may also want to try:  Microsoft Translator Bookmarklet

or Online Doc Translator  .  This translation device requires java script to be set up on your browser. However, it is supposed to retain document style.