Recommended Reading

Millions of books have been written upon just about every subject imaginable.  Spiritual reading or religious books proliferate the market place.  Some of the books that really attract me are books on prayer.  A comprehensive list of books on prayer would be next to impossible to generate.  However, it is my design and desire to introduce those who view this site to some powerful books on prayer and the prayer life.  Andrew Murray is one of the most prolific writers on consecration, dedication, and deeper life experiences.  His books are just as relevant today as when they were first published.

E.M. Bounds’ works on the subject of prayer are also as relevant today as when they were first published.  I invite the reader to check out the biographies of Murray and Bounds . Stellar saints who lived and wrote in the same era but lived in different parts of the world.

In my personal philosophy of ministry, prayer is a necessity. [You can read more about my philosophy of ministry at ].  Bounds also held prayer to be a necessary element of the Christian life. You can read his views at The Necessity of Prayer.

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